Web Site Design: The Simple Model Structure

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MTUR Photography and Web Design was established 2012 as a venue to feature fine are photography, and for providing affordable web design services. The MTUR marketing campaign targeted owners of small businesses and sole proprietors that were in need of contemporary web design services, aimed at generating more business opportunities. Typically, small businesses operate on a tight budget and cannot afford to hire large design firms for addressing their e-commerce needs.

MTUR’s first clients were: Vibration Creations, Vintage House Boutique and Helping Your Health Naturally. These clients wanted sites that expressed a vision about themselves and their businesses. They had an established customer base. Their patrons were flea market goers looking for discounts, collectors of antiques/rare items, and impulse buyers. Most of their customers had a general idea of what they were looking to buy, and knew how much they wanted to spend.

The site maps designed, were based on a simple navigation structure. Whereby, there was an about page, product pages with check-out features, contact page and a blog. Using Wix, stream lined the process for wire framing and prototyping: As pages for the sites were being designed, emails were generated to clients showcasing design progress, seeking input and suggestions for changes.

The experience gained by working with these three clients has helped me to realize the importance of collaborating within a team structure for gathering detailed user data, strategic analysis and ethnographic research. Empowered with this expanded knowledge would have made possible the development of more robust persona modeling. With a complete set of data, the information architecture of the sites would have been contextualized to meet a broader target audience.


Vibration Creations

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Diana Anastasio Parr:

“There are no coincidences.”

Isn’t life funny? You know, those moments in time where you meet someone and then you realize they are a gift sent to help move you out of the stuck mode? I was recently blessed to have an elegant young woman, Ms. Twaina Jones, cross my path and add her elegance to my life by moving me along my journey.

There I was manning my jewelry booth at a very wet Greek Festival in Myrtle Beach, SC. It was to be a rainy weekend but I was committed so wet or not, I would be there. I was looking for a break in the clouds when I saw a vision of elegance (yes I repeat, elegance because it’s appropriate) with a professional camera in her hand walking and snapping away. As she came closer to my booth I couldn’t help the longing in my voice as I said “I wish I could do that.” That was the beginning of what turned out to be a very real blessing.

After working on a website for two years and feeling pretty good about my creativity, I could not for the life of me get photos to do justice to the wonderful “Herkimer Diamond Crystals” that I mine in New York and then wire wrap to make pendants. So my colorful and creative site was basically useless. I invite you now to see what having the “Elegance” of a professional photographer take the photos and create a website that is spectacular will look like…. If you are in need of some help or just some product photos, I highly recommend that you contact Ms. Jones at:www.mtur.photography.

Well I’m no longer stuck, I now have a website, access to beautiful professional photos and a treasured friend. Thank you Twaina!  We both agree that there are no coincidences and that “life is funny” because just when you least expect it someone comes into your life and your life gets better.

The Vintage House Boutique

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Jo-Ann DiSalvo: “A shared vision. Tireless pursuit of perfection. Product of precision. Delivered with brilliant clarity. In honor of Swarovski’s upcoming 60 year anniversary of the “Aurora Borealis’ Crystal Coating Process, Twaina and I have brought to you “Vintage House” Aurora Borealis, which is a collection of select estate pieces acquired  from around the world. Appreciation for brilliance and strive for perfection is what Tee is all about. She interpreted my fire thru photography and delivered a deep color spectrum with flawless brilliance.”